• UDDIPANis one of the leading national NGO working in 42 districts for poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor with the entitlement of enjoying human rights both for man-woman aiming to establish equity, equality, justice, peaceful co-existence and environmentally sound society towards all inclusive sustainable development since 1984.UDDIPAN Training Division as one of the leading training providing institute in the sector. It has two training centers’ at Dhaka and Pirojpur those were responsible for the capacity building of the staff and programme partners’ including other organizations’ requirement for the same. Moreover, UDDIPAN Training Division used to rented out the training courses, accommodation, Convention Hall, Class room, Dormitories etc facilities as required by the client organization/s.

    UDDIPAN Training Division has well equipped with air-conditioned Convention Hall, Training Rooms, Training Lobby, VIP Rooms, VIP Dining Room. There are non-AC Dormitories and Normal Dining Room also. The space utilization facilities and services are a bit different among that of other training providing NGOs. UDDIPAN Training Division initially established in 1997 and in 2017 UDDIPAN built a sophisticated designed exclusive Convention Hall where your dream for a desired celebration comes into reality.

    Training and Accommodation Capacity

    SL Training Center Room Total SeatCapacity Dormitory Normal VIP Room Class room Convention Hall
    01 Dhaka Training Center Room-11 29 2seated(3 Room)
    6 seated(1Room)
    2 seated (2 Room)
    1 seated (1- Room)
    Class room-01(Seat capacity – 35)
    Class room -02(Seat capacity – 20)
    Seat capacity - 100
    02 Pirojpur Training Center Room-15 39 1 seated(-2 Room)
    2 seated(-5 Room)
    3 seated-1 Room)
    4 seated(5- Room)
    2 seated (2 Room) Class room-1 Seat capacity – 30       -      

    Package List

    Package Name: Hall Room - 2

    Package Type : Arrangement 15 - 25 Persons

    Package Location : UDDIPAN

    Features Free wifi , Parking zone

    BDT 5000

    Package Name: Pirozpur Convention Hall

    Package Type : Convention Hall

    Package Location : Pirozpur

    Features wifi,generator,ac,etc

    BDT 100000

    Package Name: Normal Room Non AC

    Package Type : 1 PERSON

    Package Location : UDDIPAN

    Features Free wifi

    BDT 300

    Package Name: Convention Hall

    Package Type : Arrangement 100-120 Person

    Package Location : Head Office

    Features WIFI , Parking zone etc

    BDT 30000
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